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CoNumber forwards incoming calls to your virtual number to your phone. Rates for incoming calls depend on the country where calls are forwarded to.

Find your country in this list to find the rate for incoming calls. It does not matter, where your virtual number is from, what matters is the country where calls are forwarded to.

An example: You are based in Australia and get calls from your CoNumber in New York (US). To see how much you would have to pay for incoming calls, you would look up Australia from the list below.

Rates are per minute.

Country where incoming calls are forwarded to normal rate if call is from outside EU
calls to landline calls to mobile calls to landline calls to landline
Argentina 4c 15c
Australia 3c 15c
Austria 3c 10c 5c 15c
Brazil 3c 10c
Belgium 3c 10c 5c 15c
Bulgaria 3c 10c 10c 20c
Canada 4c 15c
China 4c 15c
Cyprus 4c 15c 4c 15c
Czech Republic 3c 10c 5c 20c
Denmark 3c 10c 3c 10c
Estonia 3c 10c 5c 40c
Finland 3c 10c 15c 40c
France 3c 10c 5c 10c
Germany 3c 10c 5c 15c
Greece 3c 10c 5c 15c
Hong Kong 5c 5c
Hungary 3c 10c 5c 15c
India 4c 4c
Indonesia 10c 10c
Ireland 3c 10c 5c 15c
Israel 3c 10c
Italy 3c 10c 5c 20c
Japan 5c 15c
Latvia 3c 10c 10c 40c
Lithuania 3c 10c 5c 40c
Luxembourg 3c 15c 5c 15c
Malta 3c 10c 5c 15c
Mexico 3c 5c
Netherlands 3c 10c 5c 20c
New Zealand 3c 10c
Norway 3c 10c 5c 10c
Pakistan 10c 10c
Philippines 15c 20c
Poland 3c 10c 5c 15c
Portugal 3c 10c 5c 15c
Romania 3c 10c 5c 10c
Russia 10c 10c
Slovakia 3c 10c 5c 15c
South Africa 10c 20c
South Korea 3c 10c
Spain 3c 10c 5c 15c
Sweden 3c 10c 5c 15c
Switzerland 10c 20c
Thailand 5c 10c
Ukraine 20c 40c
United Kingdom 3c 10c 5c 15c
United States 3c 3c
Vietnam 4c 15c

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