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How CoNumber works.

Case scenario with virtual numbers

A company based in Los Angeles offers their customers local support hotlines in Brazil, Australia, Canada and the UK.
All four virtual numbers are getting redirected to one of the companies US support hotlines. 

So how much does this US company now pay?

Virtual numbers in London, Sydney, Ottawa and Rio de Janeiro.

Monthly fixed costs

$ 3,90 for the virtual number in UK
$ 4,90 for the virtual number in Australia
$ 5,90 for the virtual number in Brazil
$ 5,90 for the virtual number in Canada

$ 20,60 fixed monthly costs in total

Costs for incoming calls

$ 0,03 / minute to a phone number in the US (landline or mobile)*

*Rates depend on what country incoming calls are forwarded to. For most countries, calls to a mobile have higher rates than to landline.

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