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What is international call forwarding? 2018-06-06T15:34:55+02:00

Call forwarding in general means that calls to a number are directly forwarded to another phone number.

CoNumber does international call forwarding. So when you buy a local phone number in one of the available countries, we will forward all calls to this number to any number you want. This can be a landline or mobile number. You will see the caller id (phone number) of the person calling like when you get a regular phone call.

An example: you are based in the US and want to buy a local phone number in the UK. You buy a local London number and tell us to forward all calls to this number to a US phone number.

When can I start using my number(s)? 2018-06-06T15:46:02+02:00

Once you told us where we should forward incoming calls to, it takes most of the time only about 1 hour (max. 24h) for your numbers to be ready.

How does it work? 2018-06-06T15:44:11+02:00

With CoNumber international call forwarding is very easy.

First you choose the cities of your local phone numbers. While ordering you can already tell us where we should forward each number to. But you can also do this later whenever you want.
Once we have the information where we should forward incoming calls to, we will set up your numbers and send you a confirmation email that your CoNumber(s) are now ready to use.

You don’t need any hardware or software. We are doing everything behind the scenes, so that you can focus on your business.

What is a CoNumber? 2018-06-06T15:39:23+02:00

Good question!

CoNumbers are what we call local phone numbers in the 100 available used for international call forwarding.

You are based in New York and want to allow your customers to call you in Sydney, Australia?
Get a local number there and let us forward all calls to this number to your number in the US.

How much does it cost? 2018-06-20T10:51:23+02:00

There is a monthly fixed fee for each local phone number (CoNumber). Payment for these numbers are always made in advance on the first of the month.

For incoming calls to your CoNumber we charge a rate per minute. These rates depend on the country where we will forward calls to. These costs are charged monthly at the start of every nw month for calls of the previous month. If you don’t get any calls in one month, then you only pay the monthly fee.

You can find a list with all incoming calls to your number(s) in your member area.

An example:
You bought a CoNumber in New York and incoming calls are forwarded to a mobile number in the UK.
You would pay the monthly fee for the NY phone number and then for every minute of incoming calls to the UK according to the rates list.

You can find all rates in the https://conumber.com/available-cities/. Depending on your county, rates are in EUR, USD and GBP. Rates are excl. taxes. If your company is based in the EU, please make sure to add your VAT number when ordering numbers.



How does the payment work? 2018-06-22T16:06:09+02:00

When ordering your local phone numbers you pay the monthly fee for the first month.
A month later we will then see how many minutes of incoming calls you received to your number(s) and we will charge you for that according to the rates together with the monthly fee for the next month.

Payments can be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA or American Express) and PayPal.

You will find all your invoices in your member area.

I want to buy a phone number from a city or country that is not on your list. Can I still buy it? 2018-06-22T16:06:37+02:00

If you check the list of available phone numbers and you can not find your desired city or country, then get in contact with us and we will see if we can help you. In most cases, it should be possible to get you a phone number from the city you want. In some cases there might be local restrictions, that prevent us from selling local phone numbers.

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How can I setup the call forwarding? 2018-06-06T15:39:27+02:00

When ordering local phone numbers from CoNumber you can tell us where we should forward incoming calls to.

You can also go to your member area and enter this information there.

It takes about 1 hour (max. 24h) for the forwarding to be ready.

Can I use CoNumber to receive SMS? 2018-06-22T16:04:46+02:00

No, currently it is not possible to use our phone numbers to receive SMS (for example for verification purposes).
CoNumber is intended for phone calls only.

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If we couldn’t cover your questions in our FAQs don’t hesitate to contact us.

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